Janet Jackson a rompu avec le père de son fils

DIVORCE Elle a accouché il y a trois mois…

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Wissam Al Mana et Janet Jackson lors d'un séjour à Cannes
Wissam Al Mana et Janet Jackson lors d'un séjour à Cannes — WENN

Janet Jackson et Wissam Al Mana, c’est fini !  Page Six, la rubrique potins du New York Post, a été la première à annoncer la séparation de la chanteuse et son mari. Une rumeur confirmée peu après par le magazine People, publication à qui Janet Jackson avait accordé les photos exclusives de sa grossesse.

Cette rupture arrive trois mois après la naissance de leur fils, Eissa. L’enfant est né à Londres, en janvier dernier. C’est dans la capitale britannique que vit aujourd’hui Janet Jackson et elle n’aurait pas prévu de rentrer aux Etats-Unis malgré sa séparation.

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Janet Jackson et Wissam Al Mana se sont mariés en 2012, loin des caméras. Le couple avait attendu plusieurs mois avant de confirmer leurs noces auprès du magazine People. « Les rumeurs concernant un mariage extravagant sont fausses. Nous nous sommes mariés l’année dernière lors d’une cérémonie privée, discrète et sublime », avait fait savoir le couple.

Janet Jackson splits from her billionaire 3rd husband, after 5 years of marriage . . Just months after giving birth to her first child at age 50, #JanetJackson has split with billionaire husband #WissamAlMana. While one source said the split is amicable and the couple will co-parent their son, others said trouble had been brewing for months. . . “She thought he had become too controlling during the pregnancy and she had already allowed him to dictate her appearance and even the way she performed at concerts,” the source who works closely with the couple said. . . Other demands that the “Rhythm Nation” singer gave in to included toning down her 2014 concert tour — wearing clothing that covered her body, instead of the skin-revealing outfits fans had grown to love. . . She also declined to do music videos that featured any bumping and grinding, trademarks of her work, the source said. “It drove her crazy and she felt she was losing her fan base.” Jackson also resented the reclusiveness of her husband, who rarely met with her friends or family, the source said.

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Leur relation s'était déroulée loin du regard du public, nul doute que leur séparation se fera également en privé, même si les premières rumeurs commencent à circuler, à propos notamment de leur contrat de mariage, ou encore des raisons de leur rupture.

#JanetJackson's separation from #WissamAlMana dovetailed almost perfectly with #KatherineJackson's extended trip to London ... and it looks a lot less like she went because she was afraid of her nephew. Janet's baby was born January 3, and Katherine left L.A. 3 weeks later for London. Based on what we're told she got on a plane on the heels of Janet's separation. ____________________________________ Our sources say Janet put Katherine up in a London hotel and foot the bill. Katherine stayed in London for 2 month, returning to L.A. March 30th under the watchful eye of daughter Rebe, who was also in London with her for a time during Katherine's visit. Sources connected with some of Katherine's children claim Katherine went to London because she feared her nephew Trent, who's now in the middle of a nasty legal/family fight in which there are allegations he stole from Katherine and abused her ... something he strongly denies. ____________________________________ Sources connected with Trent believe Katherine wasn't even aware allegations were being made against Trent, and was distracted by the baby and Janet's separation. They say the only reason she returned was because the handwriting was on the wall and the judge was about to throw out the case against Trent unless she returned. The sources say Jermaine and others realized she needed to come back. __________________________________ Katherine has not returned to her Calabasas home ... she's been staying with Rebe. As far as we know Katherine has not seen Michael Jackson's kids since returning, despite being their legal guardian. Sources on Trent's side believe certain family members don't want the grandkids to get in Katherine's ears.

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