PMOI (Organization of the Mujahedin of the Iranian People) in Paris:
Irregularity is quite obvious at the ceremony. The ceremony was a television show more than a political gathering, with the presence of non-Iranian nationals from African countries, South-East Asia, Eastern Europe and even Latin Americans, who attended the meeting of this group. Many of them did not know the nature of the rally and its organizers.
Due to lack of trust in the public, the security atmosphere, the overlay was pretty obvious.
The first-floor platform was for trusted people, and people in the second and third rings, who were mostly not Iranians, were not allowed to enter this section.Sleeping and resting some foreign speakers who did not speak fluent Persian, and sometimes English and French, were interesting points of the gathering.
It will not be delivered. It was one of the topics that caught the eye.
Most of the speakers and special guests-have used the title (ex), political withdrawn Who-have atteint Their political age and are ready to earn a bit of
The distribution of meals Was done to prevent prevention people from leaving the room or to prevent prevention tiredness and drowsiness , which was not very effective.
Encouraging people to commit acts of violence and rebellion was one of the key issues in the speeches of the gathering participants.