Vidéo. Hawaï: Un immense requin blanc nage avec des plongeurs pendant plusieurs heures

RENCONTRE Il est rare de rencontrer des grands requins blancs à Hawaï, où les eaux sont habituellement trop chaudes à leur goût...

20 Minutes avec agences


Illustration d'un requin blanc.
Illustration d'un requin blanc. — skeeze

Quand un gigantesque requin blanc s’approche des côtes, certains en profitent pour… aller nager avec lui. Une équipe de plongeurs est allée barboter aux côtés d’une femelle requin blanc de 6 m de long, apparue ce mardi au large d’Hawaï.

L’animal ressemblait beaucoup à « Deep Blue », l’un des plus grands requins blancs recensés, et faisait lui-même une taille hors normes. La femelle était venue se joindre à d’autres squales en train de se repaître d’une carcasse de cachalot.

« C’était juste un beau gros et gentil colosse »

« On a vu quelques requins-tigres et elle est arrivée, et tous les autres requins se sont éparpillés », raconte Ocean Ramsay, l’une des plongeuses, au journal local Honolulu Star Adviser. « C’est alors qu’elle a commencé à se frotter contre le bateau. »

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Post via @oceanramsey Disclaimer: I highly discourage people from jumping into the water purposely with Great #WhiteSharks and TigerSharks and all sharks should be given respect as space as wild animals and PROTECTION from wasteful killing for their important ecological role. I work daily in the water with sharks as a shark biologist and teach public and professional safety programs through @OneoceanResearch and @OneOceanDiving and through a number of our international projects which also includes #greatWhiteShark research specifically. I try hard to replace fear with scientific facts and encourage a healthy level of respect for sharks as #apexPredatorsNotMonsters but not puppies…but not monsters. They are sharks and I love and respect them for what they are. Yes I absolutely LOVE sharks and have a deep understanding and respect for their capabilities combined with well over a decade of full time experience working in-water with them.  My life mission, passion, and I think purpose is to help further conservation efforts for them through research, conservation, design, and immersive and impactful programs and outreach. Please check out all the divisions of #OneOceanDiving listed below for more information and please help us to ban #sharkfinning #sharkfishing #sharksportfishing and #sharkculling around the world. I just found out the the bill to ban the purposeful killing of sharks and rays in Hawaii will be re-introduced this year in both eh house and senate following all the positive shark press that has come from this incredible encounter in the last few days. Mahalo nui loa (thank you) to all those who support efforts for shark and marine conservation. #gratitude #helpsavesharks #finbannow #sharkarma #savesharks #Sharkconservation #sharkresearch. IMAGE © MY AMAZING FIANCE @JUANSHARKS co-founder of @oneoceandiving and @waterinspired also diving with my amazing one ocean shark ohana @mermaid_kayleigh and @camgrantphotography  Photo credit: #JuanSharks #JuanOliphant @JuanSharks Photo of a massive 20ft gorgeous female white shark and a rough tooth dolphin swimming up to me in my home waters of #Hawaii #Aloha #MalamaManō #Aumakua #Manō

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« C’était juste un beau gros et gentil colosse qui voulait utiliser notre bateau pour se gratter », poursuit la plongeuse professionnelle et spécialiste des requins, qui milite pour leur protection. Elle a nagé avec la femelle « une bonne partie de la journée » et pris des clichés saisissants de la rencontre.

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I waited quietly, patiently, observing as she swam up to the dead sperm whale carcass and then slowly to me passing close enough I gently put my hand out to maintain a small space so her girth could pass. I know some people criticize touch but what some don’t realize is that sometimes sharks seek touch, she swam away escorted by two rough-toothed dolphins who danced around her over to one of my @oneoceandiving shark research vessels and proceeded to use it as a scratching post, passing up feeding for another need. I wish more people would have a connection with sharks and the natural world, because then they would understand that it’s not petting sharks or pushing them off to maintain a respectable space that is hurting sharks (because trust me if she didn’t like being pet she can handle and communicate 🦈) it’s the wasteful and cruel practice of grabbing and catching sharks to cut off their fins (which slowly kills them) for #sharkfinsoup in a process called #sharkfinning or the wasteful #sharkfishing or #sharksportfishing If it bothers you that I touched the shark please click on one of the hashtags above and leave them a negative comment first 😉 #HelpSaveSharks #SpreadAwareness #FinBanNow #bansharkfinning #Sharkfin Vid shot on my @gopro #gopro3000 #goproforacause out with @oneoceandiving with @juansharks ❤️ @mermaid_kayleigh 💙 @camgrantphotography ❤️ 💙 @oneoceanresearch @oneoceanglobal @waterinspired @oneoceansharks @oneoceanhawaii @oneoceaneducation #savetheocean #sharktouch #touchingsharks #oneoceanteam #discoversharks #discoverocean #greatwhitesharkinhawaii #freedivingwithsharks #whitesharkhawaii #deadwhalehawaii #dolphinsandsharks #🤙🏽 #Hawaii #sharka 🤙🏽🦈

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Selon Ocean Ramsay, le requin doit être âgé d’au moins 50 ans et peser environ 2,5 tonnes. Elle était selon elle « étonnamment large » et peut-être en gestation. Il est assez rare de rencontrer des grands requins blancs à Hawaï, où les eaux sont habituellement trop chaudes à leur goût.